Giroud: Pre China Season New Adventure For Me

Giroud: Pre China Season New Adventure For Me

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has stated that a tour of the bamboo curtain country this summer will be a new adventure for him

Since imported from Montpellier in 2012 and then the players have been enjoying to several Asian countries through the pre-season of the Gunners who have been to Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore.

Where the national team retainer was impressed with the extraordinary support, even in Australia yesterday despite his uncertain future in North London, the fans remain enthusiastic about asking for autographs and taking pictures with the player.

But the admiration of 30-year-old players with pre-season to Asia is the time to Vietnam, where arriving at the airport directly get a warm welcome from the fans. Even he was surprised to see some children playing football at five in the morning at that time.

So when the tour to China is the first for him and Oli also revealed that it is eager to immediately feel the atmosphere of the game when his team will fight Bayern Munich in the 2017 International Champions Cup tournament which will take place on Wednesday in Shanghai stage.

“I’ve been to Asia several times with Arsenal,” Giroud told reporters.

“I’ve been to Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. I have never been to China, so this will be a new adventure for us and me.

“I can not wait to go and it will be a new experience for me. Everything new in my life which is very interesting. So I am looking forward to it.

“I remember when we landed in Vietnam it was probably five o’clock in the morning so I was really impressed by their welcome.

“A lot of people greeted us at the airport and I was so surprised by the fact with some small children playing football at five in the morning on the field.

“When we went there, the Asians were amazing and they showed their support unconditionally. I am always happy to meet them. “

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