Second Round, League 1 Wear Foreign Referee

Second Round, League 1 Wear Foreign Referee

It has been confirmed PT Liga Indonesia Baru as the operator of the competition.

In order to improve the quality of League 1 as Indonesia’s top caste competition, PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the operator has taken the decision to use the services of foreign referees start the second round later.

So far, from 16 weeks already rolling, League 1 is busy complaining about the quality of the game. PSSI as a federation also routinely evaluate the performance of referees with LIB.

“If you look at the amount, it’s about seven to eight people who need to be evaluated by PSSI, including the assistant referee,” said Berlinton Siahaan as LIB’s director, Tuesday (18/7).

The presence of foreign referees does not mean the local referee will not get the stage in League 1 later. Because, only the middle referee will come from abroad. The foreign referee will be from Asia or Europe.

Of the nine games each week, only about 50 percent of the number of matches held each week will use foreign referees. There is a way to determine how the referee chooses.

“We use foreign referees 50 percent of their matchweek numbers,” said Risha Adi Widjaya, CEO of LIB.

“It’s not us as the decisive person, but the machine determines, certainly there will be some high tens of matches we consider to be able to use foreign referees,” he concluded.

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