Pique Provides Mission If Appointed As FIFA President

Pique Provides Mission If Appointed As FIFA President

Gerard Pique seems to have a fantasy to improve the quality of football matches. Suppose he was elected President of FIFA.

Where he felt the quality of the game is not good because the performance of the referee who maish often make mistakes, Barcelona defender is not criticizing the referee, because there is less support available during the game.

After the Goal Line Technology was a huge success, FIFA began introducing Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Now the referee is also assisted with video replays when having to make difficult decisions.

With a view to dispelling controversy, Pique will provide a greater role for technology to assist the referee. In addition, VAR can also help remove any unfair decisions that may arise from the referee.

“I want to change the arbitration system. You can see for yourself that the referee’s work can put enormous pressure during the game. In order to eliminate controversy and injustice, I think it would be better to change some rules and introduce technology for arbitration, “Pique told local media.

Last season Barcelona had experienced major controversy. When playing against Real Betis at Benito Villamarin, Barca scored Luis Suarez was not recognized by the referee because they have not crossed the line when the replay clearly shows that the ball is half a meter in. Interestingly, the referee who led the game, Alejandro Jose Hernandez Hernandez, then declared as the best referee in La Liga 2016-2017 season.

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