Mourinho Not Expect Many Get The Fourth Player Before August 31st

Mourinho Not Expect Many Get The Fourth Player Before August 31st

Jose Mourinho has hinted that Manchester United’s summer spending could end. And his hopes of bringing in one more player before the transfer window closes on 31 August seem to have vanished.

ESPN reported earlier this week that the Portuguese manager is ready to wait until next January to spend more money. Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and Ivan Perisic of Inter Milan remain the target.

With less than half a month remaining in the transfer market, Mourinho is not sure he can bring his shooting players on time. Asked if Manchester United were still in the market, Mourinho said at a press conference on Friday: “I do not think that way, unless something happens to put us in the market again.”

“I told Mr. Woodward (vice president of the club) that my plan is to bring in four players. But I also told him that there is no pressure from me, and he just needs to do the best for this club, “he added.

“We will be together again for another transfer window in January and next summer so there is no pressure from me at all. I am happy with the squad we have I am ready to go through the season without a fourth player. If we are out of the market, I’m fine, I’m ready, “he continued.

The exchange ends before the season begins

Mourinho is able to get most of his players in the transfer market this summer. He has had Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof and Nemanja Matic since the opening week of the Premier League.

He added: “My opinion is we have to adjust to the situation. But as a soccer manager who wants to work with teams, work with players. I prefer the transfer market to end as soon as possible, “said Mourinho.

“So everyone knows the players we have and the deal can be done early and no one will wait until the last week. That way there will be no players playing in the first week for team A and second week for team B, “he concluded. (Source: ESPN)

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