The simplicity of the late Persela goalkeeper Choirul Huda

The simplicity of the late Persela goalkeeper Choirul Huda

Besides known as a role model in the field, the late Choirul Huda was known as a fairly simple figure. At least, it was revealed neighbors, friends, colleagues, and fellow players Persela Lamongan.

Although gifted treasure enough to be enough, the figure of birth June 2, 1979 is known as a person who not adventurous in life. During this time, the neighbors know the late Choirul Huda just wearing a motorcycle while on the move.

“In fact, as far as I know, often see him going Friday prayers with his son using a rickshaw. In fact, he to my knowledge also has a car, “said Maghfiroh (54) guard shop next to the house of the deceased, Monday (16/10/2017).

Maghfiroh added, he even more often encounter Avanza car belonging to the Huda family, it is used by his wife, Lidya Anggraeni. While working as a civil servant (PNS) and while training with Persela, Huda more often use a motorcycle.

“However, not long yesterday, Huda replace the bike, skutik model today. It looks like the (Yamaha) NMax, but the Honda brand, “said Dedi, another Huda neighbor.

Apparently, after being traced, the new motor of the late Persela goalkeeper is Honda Aerox, which has a ‘body bongsor’ like N Max. This motor replaces the Honda Supra Fit, which previously used Huda everyday in supporting activities.

“As far as I know, if the practice and to the player mes, Huda is using a motorcycle, never use the car. Latest, indeed he uses the brand-new motor, Honda Aerox, since the beginning of the second round yesterday, “said assistant coach Persela, Ragil Sudirman.

During the recognition of the late since his active play, Ragil see Huda as a figure who is not neko-neko in life. Although when judging in terms of material, Huda can actually melakoni luxury life.

“People are like that, baseball neko-neko basically. I’ve known it since I was playing, before I became an assistant coach like now, “he said.

From the recognition of Persela Yunan Achmadi manager, Huda during his life is also known as a generous person to others. More to the people he knows, both in the mes and neighbors around his home.

“If it can be a bonus from management, I also often see Huda share his fortune to the people who are in the mes. Good parts of team equipment, cleaner in mes, driver in mes, and much more. It is not once or twice, but I myself meet him several times, “said Yunan.

Choirul Huda has 18 years to strengthen Persela, since he first started his professional career as a footballer. Until the end of the game counter Semen Padang at Surajaya Stadium, Sunday (15/10/2017) afternoon, an incident was obtained until Cak Huda summoned to the Creator.

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