Iniesta: I’m Happy for Barcelona’s Appearance

Iniesta: I’m Happy for Barcelona’s Appearance

FC Barcelona’s senior player Andres Iniesta was satisfied with his performance as he beat Juventus 3-0 in a Champions League Group D match at Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium on Wednesday (13/09/2017) early morning GMT

Andres Iniesta believes his team can take control of the game from Juventus.

“I am happy with my performance, also for Barcelona. It is not easy to start the Champions League against a Juventus classmate, but that often happens in European football,” Iniesta said.

“Barcelona controlled the game very well, the opponent did not get much chance and Barcelona played very well,” he continued.

However, he refused to make the win a decisive factor to extend the contract.

“There is no further discussion on this now and my focus is on the field, I want everything to go smoothly and Barcelona is a priority and I am happy now,” he said.

Slutsky Thank Abramovich

Slutsky Thank Abramovich

Hull City tactician Leonid Slutsky thanked the Roman Abramovich as Chelsea’s owner.

The remark, because the Russian tycoon has helped him to adapt to the atmosphere of football in the UK this summer.

Even for his coaching career smoothly at KCOM stadium, Roman immediately helped his colleagues by providing loan assistance and at least three youngsters of The Blues are now strengthening the Tigers under the direction of the former CSKA Moscow coach.

“He can not help me with my job, but he helps me adapt in the UK,” Leonid Slutsky told media.

“He recommended the school where I studied English. When I was in London, I stayed at the hotel at Stamford Bridge and Chelsea helped me get a free loan player from here.

“Abramovich always nags me and asks about how we played the last game, our team and our players. So I thank him and for Chelsea’s help. “

Bartomeu: Barcelona No Need Paulo Dybala

Bartomeu: Barcelona No Need Paulo Dybala

Barcelona club owner Josep Maria Bartomeu thinks the team does not need the figure of Paulo Dybala.

Some time ago, during the summer transfer market, Blaugrana had ambitions to bring Dybala to replace the position left by Neymar.

But unfortunately since the arrival of Ousmane Dembele, now Bartomeu thinks it has a much better quality than Dybala.

However, Bartomeu also has hope Dembele can score many goals for Barcelona this season.

Bartomeu considers Dembele a proper substitute for Neymar, who is now owned by Paris Saint-Germain.

In an interview, Bertomeu said “I think Barcelona does not need Dybala anymore.”

“We already have Dembele, which has a much better quality than Dybala.”

“But I have hope Bartomeu can score many goals.”

“And I want Dembele to help Barcelona achieve success for Barcelona.”

Ausilio Pleased With Perisic Endurance

Ausilio Pleased With Perisic Endurance

Inter Milan sporting director Piero Ausilio admits he is happy with the survival of Ivan Perisic at the San Siro Agen Sbobet.

The Croatian Winger had been a transfer target from Manchester United, but Inter managed to stop the United approach and keep the players in the club.

The transfer market this summer, became one of the busy periods for the Nerazzurri, and Ausilio was satisfied with the work his team did.

“Maintaining Ivan Perisic, is really a great purchase for our team,” the director told reporters.

“We are confident that we have brought in players who are really fit for the project we are working on. As Inter have proved, we are ready to face the start of the season. “

Ferdinand: Ibrahimovic The figure needed by MU

Ferdinand: Ibrahimovic The figure needed by MU

According to Rio Ferdinand, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to Manchester United, will certainly be a positive impact for the players there.

Ibrahimovic is an experienced player and also a player who often gives advice to young players, of course Ferdinand thinks it is a necessary thing at Old Trafford.

“Ibrahimovic has a very crucial role for the Red Devils, in addition to his prowess in the field, he also has a wise figure who can certainly help the development of the players there” said Ferdinand.

“It’s great that after hearing the news he’s back to extend his service at Old Trafford, his knowledge is very important to know his team-mates.”

So Valuable Asset, Persib Not Released Febri Hariyadi

So Valuable Asset, Persib Not Released Febri Hariyadi

It is common knowledge that wing midfielder Persib Bandung, Febri Hariyadi became the target of many clubs, including the Malaysian team, Selangor FA. Since the start of the season the Red Giants reportedly want to bring Febri to Shah Alam Stadium.

This issue had subsided, but recently players from Indonesia who took part in Selangor FA, Andik Vermansyah said if the management is still interested to bring Selangor Febri.

Tanpaknya Selangor management addicted to the services of players from Indonesia after achieving success with Bambang Pamungkas, Elie Aiboy and Andik last.

However, Selangor’s passion for being able to get Febri’s services should be a one-handed clap. Section Persib management asserted will not remove Febri regardless of the transfer price proposed.

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar said if Febri has been tied with the duration of long-term contract, so he believes Febri will not leave the team bobotoh darling.

“Not only Selangor, but also many other teams, but we still keep Febri because the contract is still long,” said Umuh.

Umuh rate, Febri is one of the valuable assets for sku Maung Bandung today. In addition to having the ability above the average, Febri is still young and is a result of upgraded Persib junior players.

“Febri is an asset, he is young and a West Java man, he certainly needed Persib for the future,” said Umuh.

Koeman Respect Rooney’s Pension Decision

Koeman Respect Rooney’s Pension Decision

Everton coach Ronald Koeman respects Wayne Rooney’s decision to retire from England Agen Sbobet.

Koeman admitted that before Wazza took the decision, he had a discussion with him, and the coach stated that he is ready to support every decision taken by the player.

“Wayne spoke to me about this,” the Dutchman told reporters. “He has also been discussing with his coach on the national team.”

“He made this decision, because he considered this the best decision for Everton. All this is certainly the decision of the players themselves, and I respect that. “

Mourinho Not Expect Many Get The Fourth Player Before August 31st

Mourinho Not Expect Many Get The Fourth Player Before August 31st

Jose Mourinho has hinted that Manchester United’s summer spending could end. And his hopes of bringing in one more player before the transfer window closes on 31 August seem to have vanished.

ESPN reported earlier this week that the Portuguese manager is ready to wait until next January to spend more money. Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and Ivan Perisic of Inter Milan remain the target.

With less than half a month remaining in the transfer market, Mourinho is not sure he can bring his shooting players on time. Asked if Manchester United were still in the market, Mourinho said at a press conference on Friday: “I do not think that way, unless something happens to put us in the market again.”

“I told Mr. Woodward (vice president of the club) that my plan is to bring in four players. But I also told him that there is no pressure from me, and he just needs to do the best for this club, “he added.

“We will be together again for another transfer window in January and next summer so there is no pressure from me at all. I am happy with the squad we have I am ready to go through the season without a fourth player. If we are out of the market, I’m fine, I’m ready, “he continued.

The exchange ends before the season begins

Mourinho is able to get most of his players in the transfer market this summer. He has had Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof and Nemanja Matic since the opening week of the Premier League.

He added: “My opinion is we have to adjust to the situation. But as a soccer manager who wants to work with teams, work with players. I prefer the transfer market to end as soon as possible, “said Mourinho.

“So everyone knows the players we have and the deal can be done early and no one will wait until the last week. That way there will be no players playing in the first week for team A and second week for team B, “he concluded. (Source: ESPN)

Chelsea intend to seize Perisic from United

Chelsea intend to seize Perisic from United

Champions League champions last season, Chelsea, is known to have a great intention to be able to seize Ivan Perisic, who is currently the target of Manchestet United.

The club also admitted that they need new players to make a stronger squad, after failing to land Romelu Lukaku they also feel quite furious.

Inter Milan side is already open opportunities for Perisic to leave, because the concerned was already unhappy in the League Serie A.

Seeing Manchester United who still do not have clarity to land it, the Chelsea also intend to go faster than the United, “said Perisic.

Shakespeare Satisfied With Vardy Performance

Shakespeare Satisfied With Vardy Performance

Leicester City coach Craig Shakespeare admits he is satisfied with the performance shown by Jamie Vardy in the game against Arsenal Judi Bola Online.

In addition to praising the performance of Vardy, the coach also specifically praised the performance of being featured by new defender The Foxes Harry Maguire in the game.

‘Since he came here, I’ve always been impressed with Harry Maguire’s performance,’ the Englishman told reporters. “I want a player who is from Britain, and has experience in the Premier League. He’s very young, and he’s bound to grow for the better. ”

“Jamie Vardy goes back to his old self. I want him to be able to disrupt the opponent’s back line. ”

“We will not be too disappointed. This is our first game in the league, and we have to be positive. “