The simplicity of the late Persela goalkeeper Choirul Huda

The simplicity of the late Persela goalkeeper Choirul Huda

Besides known as a role model in the field, the late Choirul Huda was known as a fairly simple figure. At least, it was revealed neighbors, friends, colleagues, and fellow players Persela Lamongan.

Although gifted treasure enough to be enough, the figure of birth June 2, 1979 is known as a person who not adventurous in life. During this time, the neighbors know the late Choirul Huda just wearing a motorcycle while on the move.

“In fact, as far as I know, often see him going Friday prayers with his son using a rickshaw. In fact, he to my knowledge also has a car, “said Maghfiroh (54) guard shop next to the house of the deceased, Monday (16/10/2017).

Maghfiroh added, he even more often encounter Avanza car belonging to the Huda family, it is used by his wife, Lidya Anggraeni. While working as a civil servant (PNS) and while training with Persela, Huda more often use a motorcycle.

“However, not long yesterday, Huda replace the bike, skutik model today. It looks like the (Yamaha) NMax, but the Honda brand, “said Dedi, another Huda neighbor.

Apparently, after being traced, the new motor of the late Persela goalkeeper is Honda Aerox, which has a ‘body bongsor’ like N Max. This motor replaces the Honda Supra Fit, which previously used Huda everyday in supporting activities.

“As far as I know, if the practice and to the player mes, Huda is using a motorcycle, never use the car. Latest, indeed he uses the brand-new motor, Honda Aerox, since the beginning of the second round yesterday, “said assistant coach Persela, Ragil Sudirman.

During the recognition of the late since his active play, Ragil see Huda as a figure who is not neko-neko in life. Although when judging in terms of material, Huda can actually melakoni luxury life.

“People are like that, baseball neko-neko basically. I’ve known it since I was playing, before I became an assistant coach like now, “he said.

From the recognition of Persela Yunan Achmadi manager, Huda during his life is also known as a generous person to others. More to the people he knows, both in the mes and neighbors around his home.

“If it can be a bonus from management, I also often see Huda share his fortune to the people who are in the mes. Good parts of team equipment, cleaner in mes, driver in mes, and much more. It is not once or twice, but I myself meet him several times, “said Yunan.

Choirul Huda has 18 years to strengthen Persela, since he first started his professional career as a footballer. Until the end of the game counter Semen Padang at Surajaya Stadium, Sunday (15/10/2017) afternoon, an incident was obtained until Cak Huda summoned to the Creator.

Indonesia Vs Laos, Fatigue So Major Problem U-16 national team

Indonesia Vs Laos, Fatigue So Major Problem U-16 national team

U-16 national team coach Indonesia, Fakhri Husaini, mentioned one of his team’s main problems ahead of the final match of the 2018 U-16 Asian Cup Qualifying Group 2018. In the last game, Indonesia will face Laos at Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand on Friday (22/9 / 2017) afternoon hrs.

“Our problem is not tactical now, the players are facing obstacles,” said Fakri Husaini, Thursday (09/21/2010).

“A lot of players are exhausted because of the hectic schedule, the pause just a day ago should be back in action,” said the 52-year-old.

Kans Indonesia to qualify automatically to the 2018 U-16 Asian Cup finals in Malaysia is very open. Currently, Hamsa Lestaluhu et al entrenched in the first sequence of Group G with perfect results alias nine points from three matches that have been undertaken.

Fakhri’s statement is indisputable when referring to the match schedule. In Group G, only Indonesia and Northern Mariana Islands have played three games while Timor Leste, Thailand and Laos are only two.

The afternoon game will be the ultimate match for Indonesia and third for Laos, who will play the final match against Thailand on 24 September. East Timor will also play the final game on September 24 against Northern Mariana.

So Valuable Asset, Persib Not Released Febri Hariyadi

So Valuable Asset, Persib Not Released Febri Hariyadi

It is common knowledge that wing midfielder Persib Bandung, Febri Hariyadi became the target of many clubs, including the Malaysian team, Selangor FA. Since the start of the season the Red Giants reportedly want to bring Febri to Shah Alam Stadium.

This issue had subsided, but recently players from Indonesia who took part in Selangor FA, Andik Vermansyah said if the management is still interested to bring Selangor Febri.

Tanpaknya Selangor management addicted to the services of players from Indonesia after achieving success with Bambang Pamungkas, Elie Aiboy and Andik last.

However, Selangor’s passion for being able to get Febri’s services should be a one-handed clap. Section Persib management asserted will not remove Febri regardless of the transfer price proposed.

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar said if Febri has been tied with the duration of long-term contract, so he believes Febri will not leave the team bobotoh darling.

“Not only Selangor, but also many other teams, but we still keep Febri because the contract is still long,” said Umuh.

Umuh rate, Febri is one of the valuable assets for sku Maung Bandung today. In addition to having the ability above the average, Febri is still young and is a result of upgraded Persib junior players.

“Febri is an asset, he is young and a West Java man, he certainly needed Persib for the future,” said Umuh.

Problem Dismissal from Persib, Carlton Cole Denies Comment Umuh Muchtar

Problem Dismissal from Persib, Carlton Cole Denies Comment Umuh Muchtar

England striker, Carlton Cole, denied the last comment from Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar Agen Poker Online.

Umuh had stated that the management Persib has terminated the contract Cole. Cole’s minor performance in League 1 became the trigger. He failed to score goals from five appearances with the team beralas Maung Bandung.

Umuh also mentioned Cole’s fitness condition as the reason behind Cole’s poor performance and Persib’s decision to break his contract.

Responding to that, Cole instead throwing comments inversely proportional.

“No,” Cole told the source.

“I do not know if it’s finished with Persib or not,” said the former Chelsea striker.

Regardless of the official or not yet “divorce” with Cole, Persib keep moving quickly to find a brand-new striker.

Due to the failure of Cole and injury Sergio van Dijk, Persib appear dull with a record only 18 goals in 17 games.

One of the names that is often associated with Persib is Thailand national team striker (teams) Thailand, Teerasil Dangda. The owner of the last name also had time to play in the English League like Cole.

Second Round, League 1 Wear Foreign Referee

Second Round, League 1 Wear Foreign Referee

It has been confirmed PT Liga Indonesia Baru as the operator of the competition.

In order to improve the quality of League 1 as Indonesia’s top caste competition, PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the operator has taken the decision to use the services of foreign referees start the second round later.

So far, from 16 weeks already rolling, League 1 is busy complaining about the quality of the game. PSSI as a federation also routinely evaluate the performance of referees with LIB.

“If you look at the amount, it’s about seven to eight people who need to be evaluated by PSSI, including the assistant referee,” said Berlinton Siahaan as LIB’s director, Tuesday (18/7).

The presence of foreign referees does not mean the local referee will not get the stage in League 1 later. Because, only the middle referee will come from abroad. The foreign referee will be from Asia or Europe.

Of the nine games each week, only about 50 percent of the number of matches held each week will use foreign referees. There is a way to determine how the referee chooses.

“We use foreign referees 50 percent of their matchweek numbers,” said Risha Adi Widjaya, CEO of LIB.

“It’s not us as the decisive person, but the machine determines, certainly there will be some high tens of matches we consider to be able to use foreign referees,” he concluded.